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China Eastern Airlines

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China Eastern Airlines

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We built a comprehensive digital strategy for China Eastern Airlines and worked for three years to implement it. We created a visual identity, wrote engaging blog content and linked everything to ticketing and partners.

main objectives

Building awareness
of the brand and target

Increasing the number
of tickets sold
through digital channels


A big challenge was the management of the local Facebook profile and high quality
customer support, which thanks to our experience we turned into a very
effective tool for building a relationship with the customer.

We Prepared

Social media content
Community management
Graphic documents
Campaign management

Offline Marketing

From the very first year of cooperation, we provided
the local team with support in the area of purchasing and offline marketing.
Specifically, we bought OOH space and filmed radio spots.

We provided advertising in the press not only in the
travel-related media, but we also reached readers of other publications.


Most of our time was spent on acquiring potential customers through online
channels, where the main challenge was not to compete with partner retailers.
Thus, with the help of data work, we prepared our own advertising strategy,
which allowed us to work highly effectively with display advertising.

We prepared

Advertising strategy
Graphic design
Design of media channels

Hungarian representation

In 2019, our concept was also used for communication
within the newly opened Hungarian representative office.



How best to get the attention of relevant users without high investment? We started writing a blog that dealt with topics related to travel to our target destinations. The side effect was to get traffic from search engines (for free) in the thousands of users to our articles.

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Our other
activities at the client:


Communication with business partners


Updating content and managing the website


Providing gift items for important partners


Video, editing, adaptation