Who are we?

We are digital agency. We are communication broker. We are marketing pack. Sort of wolfish, but in the right way. We have extracted the values from wolfpack which drive us into precise work on our client´s projects.

Be social pack began to form in the year 2010 as a group of young enthusiasts working in the field of digital media during implementation of clients or ours own projects. In the year 2012 we gave our fellowship a shape by creating a limited liability company. We operated as a digital agency focused on marketing communication on the internet and also on performance advertising. In the year 2014 Pavel Winkler strengthen our pack and enhanced it with his experience from full-servis communication which he has been collecting for the past 20 years as a boss of communication agency 1.pozitivní. We have added strategic and conceptual thinking to our technical know-how. Because of that we now take care of our clients projects within the scope of all communication channels.



We are keen to understand our clients as much as possible. Not only what concerns their projects but also the surroundings where they operate. Sometimes dulled by operational blindness they fail to see the opportunities and threats that can be easily spotted by well-rested eye. We identify problems and come up with new solutions which have never been seen before. Thereby we help to achieve greater results.


Digital Brand Strategy & Planning

We help you to prepare a strategy for digital marketing which will correspond with your whole concept. We will choose the most appropriate communication channels and an ideal form of presentation.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

We dedicate our time to various services such as regular conduct of e-mail campaigns or increasing the conversion of your web. We combine available channels in order to create highly effective
marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing & Content

We communicate with fans on social media. We also create content which attracts attention and we use exact and advanced direct marketing which provides us with the most relevant results.

Creative & Storytelling

People love stories and fresh ideas. That is why we bring fun, emotion and creative elements into our campaigns. Thanks to them your clients will love and remember your brand.

Analytics & Consulting

To the last detail adjusted measuring methods should be essential to every digital advertisement. That is why we have perfectly mastered Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and other measuring methods.


Communication Broker

We supervise the coherence of communication within the scope of single activities, we coordinate yours delivery subjects. We make processes more effective. We save money.

Media planning & Media buying

We plan and buy media. We combine strategic planning which comes from media data with common sense. We maximize benefits for PR by buying more space.

Brand building

We help to strategically lead your brand. We perform audit of current communication activities and suggest new ones which will respond to current trends and market needs and of course to client´s nature.

Communication Concepts & Copywriting & Production

We suggest and further develop communication concepts and communication itself. Creativity and correct choice of text is lead in compliance with the main concept. What we think of, we create.

Channel marketing & B2B Communication

In the field of indirect selling channels we operate in B2B environment in order to maximize B2C sales or other end method.

Why us

Internet is complicated and constantly changing. To seize it correctly we were inspired by wolfpack – Within rough and constantly changing environment it survives and prospers thanks to strong social bonds, watchful observation and perfect organization. Just like in a wolfpack in our team every single person has its place and together we form a strong support for our clients in any conditions.


We have that healthy ferocity


With us you are betting on the right team


We will help you to beat your competition


We believe in what we do


Beautiful things are meant to be seen


Pack is a pack. Once you are in it, we will always fight for you. We care about the outcome of your projects. Now they are just as yours as ours. They belong to our pack.

Our works







Key people

Each pack member has its place. So others know very well what to expect from him. They know what are his strengths and weaknesses or if he is by any chance afraid of heights. The pack drives every individual to its maximal performance. To such he didn´t even know he possesses. We have it the same way.

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